Here’s our dance video Struggling!

With this piece we want to show that you can dance in heels whatever gender you are and that no one should have opinions that violates you because of that. We see this as a symbol of that you can do whatever you want to even though people are Struggling against you, because you can Struggle even harder than them!

Thanks to Fryshuset, Uppsal Konsert Kongress for the stunning place where we filmed and UnCut Ung Filmproduktion for the technical equpments. Go check them out!

Johanna van Setten
Daniel Mikael Vängelin
Savanna Hanneryd

Emma Graufelds

Savanna Hanneryd
Daniel Mikael Vängelin

The song is by DrDr and is called “Struggling” which is one of the reasons why we named our piece the same thing. Go check them out aswell, they have so many good songs!

***We only wish to inspire people and this video is for inspirational purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.***